Hope is not a business plan

Set up your company the right way and make sure you and your family are protected.

How Do You Know if Your Company is Setup Right?

Invest the next 60 seconds in your business by taking our evaluation and see where your business currently stands and what you should do about it!

We remember what it's like

This is it! The big idea. The new business that is going to not only change your life, but it’s going to change the world around you! And at the height of your excitement, what’s the first thing you do?

Reach into your pocket and hand over ten thousand dollars to your attorney and financial executive in order to discuss the intricacies of how your business should be set up. Right?


Now, that might be what you should do, but let’s face it, you’re excited and you want to get started. Plus, at this early stage of your business, you don’t have the cash flow to spend on something that won’t give you an immediate return. Yet, this is the number one reason most businesses find themselves in trouble later on when they start to grow.

Until now.

Enrich Your Elephant works with people just like you who want their company setup right without having to break the bank either now…or later.

Who is Enrich Your Elephant?

With more than 50 years of combined professional experience, Enrich Your Elephant is made up of attorney Stan Padgett and financial management executive Pam Jordan.

Having worked with everyone from startups to multi-million dollar companies, they have experienced the challenges that businesses face when they do not take the proper time and leverage the proper experience to set up their organization correctly.

And that’s why Enrich Your Elephant was born.

What's Next?

So, what do you do now? How can you protect your business from the many pitfalls that come with incorrect setup or mismanaging your books?

That’s where the Enrich Your Elephant online program comes in.

Rather than spending upwards of ten thousand dollars to hire an attorney and financial executive to set everything up, we have developed a program that will do it for you, with you!


Would you like to know more about how Enrich Your Elephant can protect you and your business while saving thousands? 
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